Telescopic Belt TBC

Telescopic Belt TBC

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اسم الشركة : UNITEL - يونيتل

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The Telescopic Belt Conveyor TBC is a dual boom extendable conveyor used on docks and platforms for reaching right to the end of vehicles and containers.

The TBC conveyor can carry most types of materials such as boxes, cartons, sacks, crates, and unit goods.

Optionally it can be fitted with a raising and lowering mechanism that helps to deliver goods at the required height.

It can dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to load and unload trucks and containers thus paying for itself over a short time.

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اسم الشركة: UNITEL - يونيتل
الهاتف : 01222132698 - 25266333
العنوان : برج القانونيين - كورنيش المعادى
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