Cold-rolled black annealed - Blue steel

Cold-rolled black annealed - Blue steel

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اسم الشركة : قنديل للصلب

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Cold-Rolled Black Annealed (CRBA) (also known as Blue Steel) is Cold Rolledsheets that have been oxidized by annealing in a special installation to produce a very thin magnetite layer (Fe304) on the surface (less than 1 μm thick) for more protection

Application: The main areas of use are:
• All kinds of Steel pipes and tubes (Stove pipes)
• Food contact other than packaging
• Cake and biscuit molds
• Baking trays
• Lining of industrial bread ovens
• Furniture & construction
• Economical general items where they don’t need further painting.
Cold Rolled Black Annealed are suitable for food contact, under certain conditions

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اسم الشركة: قنديل للصلب
الهاتف : 44810102/3/4 - 16010: H.L
العنوان : Obour City – Block 13035 – PO, box 111 (Galvametal) – Cairo, Egypt
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