Pre-painted steel

Pre-painted steel

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اسم الشركة : قنديل للصلب

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Kandil Pre-Painted steel products are used in all sectors of industry. In building and construction, profiles are used for wall cladding and roofing, and also for applications such as suspended ceilings, lighting etc. In general industry, these products have a variety of applications, including metal furniture, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) and many others. Brown goods (casings for Hi-Fi, VCR, DVD, electronic and computer equipment) are another successful field of application for Pre-Painted steel products. This variety of uses is a result of three key material properties – strength, good formability and flexible surface design

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اسم الشركة: قنديل للصلب
الهاتف : 44810102/3/4 - 16010: H.L
العنوان : Obour City – Block 13035 – PO, box 111 (Galvametal) – Cairo, Egypt
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